Street Fighter Ryu Hoshi 12” Salesman Sample 1993 GI Joe Hasbro CIB AFA 80/85/85


Street Fighter Ryu Hoshi 12” Salesman Sample 1993 GI Joe Hasbro CIB AFA 80/85/85
Please note; Only 1 figure is for sale. We have provided multiple images and pictures from different angles of the same prototype for sale. Only 1 figure is being sold in this listing.
This is an un-produced prototype salesman sample 12 “ Ryu from the Street Fighter Official movie Fighter 12″ toy line. Originally only Colonel Guile was produced for this line and for reasons unknown the rest of the line was never made. The characters are shown on the back of each sample box but were never produced. The legitimacy of the figure has been verified by AFA and CIB. CIB and AFA authenticated that this is a Hasbro original factory sealed box and by default is a genuine original prototype, salesman sample. The box has been graded and found to be a sample box.
The box exterior is a Colonel Guile factory sealed box. The contents inside are factory mock ups which were never produced for this figure with this variation. Variations are in the color, clothing and assortment of accessories are vastly different from the final mass produced version. Ryu has a long sleeve Gi and not the tattered short sleeve version he has always been produced with , Long pants not tattered, silver swords, red glove\guantlets, Black machine gun, purple stand and are all factory blister sealed to the Baby Check Up inner insert.

CIB has professionally examined this piece and CIB has furnished a Certificate of Authenticity. stating “Sample box consists of Colonel Guile outer box and random packaging from Pony Surprise used as the inner insert to which the blister is sealed.”

The case measures approx 14” x 10 ¼” x 2 ¾” and will ship insured and with adult signature confirmation needed. The figure will ship in an over sized box for extra protection.

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