Amazing Spider-Man & Incredible Hulk Promotional Poster 24 x 48″ Signed w/COA Erik Larson 1990 Marvel Comics


This is a 1990 Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk Promotional poster, signed by Erik Larson with COA-certificate of authenticity (size is approx: 5 x 8 inches), complete and unused, produced by Marvel Comics. The poster does show mild storage wear that includes corner/edge wear and a couple of small tears at the fold lines, but has not been used and is free of any other major damage. The poster came folded, will ship folded and measures a whopping 2 x 4 ft! The poster depicts The Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk, both comics were penciled by Mr. Larson at that time. These posters were shipped to us for our anniversary celebration back in 1990, and we had Mr. Larson sign a few of these rare posters. To our knowledge these promotional items were never sold to the general public and were only given to the top 3,000 comic book specialty store accounts. This makes promotional items in the comics book world extremely rare and hard to find if you consider many are used to cover windows (fading), taped to windows, counters, walls (damage from tape or pins) and or just thrown away after use (less numbers around today). Any “shiny” marks are from the light reflecting off the coating on the item, and are not a printing defect.

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