Punisher Antenna Ball 1998 Mint on Card Original Marvel PWC Designs #3654


This was a fully licensed product from Marvel Comics and we Pee Wee Comics secured the rights and produced the antenna ballz line for a very short time.  The card-back was designed by Josephine Pira our late mother who never saw the finished production piece. Thank you Mom. They were produced just as your had envisioned them.

While the balls were produced for a short time and made entry into the mainstream marketplace they were ordered and distributed in very small quantities. Our clients included Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida, Gadzooks, Hot Topic, Do It Center and Diamond Comics for comic specialty shops.

This is an officially licensed original 1999 Marvel Comics Punisher Antenna Ball mint in package . This ball was the precursor to the Carl’s Jr plastic version Spider-Man ball.  These ballz were made during the bankruptcy era of Marvel Comics. When Marvel became solvent again, the licensing fees became too much and production was shut down immediately. We also have other officially licensed Marvel Antenna Ballz currently posted, so please look for our Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Blade and prototype antenna ballz. All mass produced antenna ballz still had a very low/limited production run.

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