Hawk & Dove #1 VF+ 1st Female Dove Appearance Signed w/COA by Barbara Randall Kesel 1988 DC Comics


This is a vintage 1st print 1988 Hawk & Dove #1 with the 1st Female Dove Appearance, signed by Barbara Randall Kesel with a COA/certificate of authenticity (size is approx: 5 x 8 inches), complete and produced by DC Comics. Please note: the signature is doubled as Barbara has traced her signature with a black marker over a silver pen signature. The comic would grade a Very Fine+ condition. The comic displays wear in the form of spine wear, stressors/kinks, rounded corner top right, corner/edge wear present mostly at the covers edge and soft cover creasing preventing a higher grade. The conditions noted prevent the comic from obtaining a higher grade.

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